Sam Shure talks debut album & all-time favourites


sam shure album

Sam Shure is a name that has probably been on your radar for a few years now, with early releases on labels like Katermukke (& sister label Mukke) and Bar 25. It wasn’t until his first EP on Stil Vor Talent last year though, that he really started to develop what is now immediately recognisable as his signature sound. The EP, titled Kasra, was a clear step up in terms of the production value and the complexity of his tracks, and was a hit both on the dancefloor and online.

His follow-up, Nandoo – which came out in June last year – did one better, with the title track being the soundtrack of many summer festivals and racking up almost one million streams on Spotify alone. After these two standout EPs the pressure was certainly mounting regarding what the Berlin based producer would next deliver. Perhaps predictably, the answer turned out to be a stunning debut Album, Laconia, also on Stil Vor Talent.

When we heard rumours of the album coming we certainly had very high expectations, and I think it’s safe to say that they were in fact exceeded upon first hearing. With almost every track strong enough to be the A side of an EP, the album really is all killer no filler. While some of the tracks are more clubby and some are perhaps better suited to home listening, he’s flawlessly expanded his repertoire in all directions, clearly experimenting with his own unique take on various different styles.

We definitely recommend checking the whole thing out but if you’re in a hurry then our favourite is the luscious ‘Je te vois’, featuring the catchy French vocals of Belgian vocalist/producer Cook Strummer.

We spoke to Sam about the album and his influences, and he had the following to say –

The first thought about my album Laconia came up last year in summertime and it grew until I decided to seriously work on it around November 2018. Last year was a really life changing year for me and I gathered so many experiences, moments and emotions that I felt very inspired to work on a long player. It gives you freedom to express a greater variety of your musical vision and leaves room to experiment with different genres and techniques. I road tested the more clubby tracks as soon as I finished a version and changed them until I thought they’d work the best.

We also asked him for some labels & artists to watch out for, as well as some of his all time favourites.

Most exciting up-and-coming label

Three most exciting up-and-coming producers
Cioz, Iorie, Innellea

Favourite track to play in your sets right now
Yulia Niko – Caminando (Cioz Remix)

Favourite all time classic (electronic)
Guy Mantzur & Roy Rosenfeld – Epika

Favourite all time classic (non-electronic)
Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven

Favourite studio trick (e.g. production technique, etc)

Favourite VST or plug-in
U-He – Diva/Zebra

Best gig you’ve ever played
Hard one but I guess the Gardens of Babylon in Amsterdam’s ‘De Marktkantine’ & the Horde Cruise in Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower, as well as Woomoon on Ibiza.

You can stream a mini-mix of the album below or download/stream the full thing here.

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